Commodity Classification: Commodity Trading as per Commodity Classification: Options, Futures, Derivatives & Commodity Trading

Commodity Classification: Commodity Trading as per Commodity Classification

Commodity Trading has opened the doors for trading in various crops, oil and other things without actually holding these assets. There is no worry of storage, no transportation cost involved, no problems of maintaing neat clean and well maintained shops or storage houses. Commodity Classification Chart
However, the more assets you have in the commodity segment, the more confused a person gets on what to trade. Right from potatoes, oranges and soya, to various versions of oil, petrol and naptha, to metal like gold, silver, aluminium, to carbon trading and so on, the list of Commodities available for Trading is endless.
Hence, it is quite often that a commodity trader gets puzzled on what should he trade on. Sometimes, people just go by what the Commodity Broker recommends to them - buy Soyabean, sell Gold or Go long on Petrol, short Wheat. However, even the recommendations coming from the Commodity Brokers might confuse the trader. At the end of trading session, a commodity trader may find himself sitting on highly correlated commodity postions, which is no way advisable.
So in this article, we aim to provide a classification for Commodities, as per the various parameters available.
We are providing 2 versions, a tabular form and the same table in a image form.

Commodity Classification as per the various commodity Categories

Individual Commodities

Commodity Categorization

Natural Gas

Energy Commodities

Crude Oil

Petoleum Commodities


Heating Oil


Non-Energy Commodities
Ex-Energy Commodities

Industrial Metal Commodities





Precious Metal Commodities


Live Cattle

Livestock Commodities

Lean Hogs


Agriculture Commodities

Grains Commodities




Soft Commodities



Soyabean Oil

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