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About Us: Meet the Author

About FuturesOptionsETC.comFuturesOptionsETC.com, launched in April 2010, is an online interactive guide to the complex world of derivatives trading.

This site is primarily owned and maintained by Shobhit, who is a Professional Trader, Market Analyst, and Financial Writer. You can reach him by sending an email to contactus@futuresoptionsetc.com

Why another website on derivatives?

While there are already many sites available on derivatives, most of them do not really explain derivatives in practical sense. Rather, the existing sites simply put up definitions of various derivative terms. A few of the missing pieces are like Examples & Payoff Functions are not included and usually not explained - somethings mandatory for understanding the complex derivatives. Practical trading needs like margin money requirements, transaction commissions consideration and their impact on profitability, real meaning of unlimited profit & loss, etc. are also not covered by majority of the sites.

Written in a dialogue form in simple language, the articles on FuturesOptionsETC.com are complemented with a rich set of original charts, graphs and images which are necessarily required to understand derivatives. Videos are also included in the articles as needed.
All articles are written in series form with examples of relevant trades included for a better understanding of the readers. Also covered are real life trading needs for derivatives trading, which include margin requirements, brokerage costs considerations, effects of various factors over a particular trade position, entry and exit scenarios, etc.
The high quality content, especially the images and charts, can be easily found on the first few organic search results of Google and other search engines.
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