Coal ETF-List of Coal ETF: Trade Coal through Coal Exchange Traded Funds: Options, Futures, Derivatives & Commodity Trading

Coal ETF-List of Coal ETF: Trade Coal through Coal Exchange Traded Funds

This article contains list of Coal ETF - Coal based Exchange Traded Funds. Also covered are the historical performance, benefits, advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and risks involved in trading Coal ETF.
Continuing further from our previous article Coal Investments: Advantages, Disadvantages, in this article we cover the list of available coal based ETF's and their historical performance relative to each other.

Coal ETF List: Review, Analysis, Opinion and Details about Coal Exchange Traded Funds

List of Coal ETF or Coal based Exchange Traded Funds
Here is the Coal ETF List:

PowerShares Global Coal Portfolio ETF NASDAQ:PKOL:
At the top of the list of Coal based ETF's is the PowerShares Global Coal Portfolio ETF. It tracks the underlying index called the NASDAQ OMX Global Coal Index. It covers a wide range of companies which are involved in the various businesses of coal namely mining, exploring and other related activities. Historical Performance of PKOL PowerShares Global Coal Portfolio ETF: (image sourced as screen shot from Powershares official website) PKOL Historical Performance
However, this may not fall in the low cost ETF category, as the expense ratio of 0.75% looks a bit on the higher side.

Market Vectors-Coal ETFNYSE:KOL
Next in the list of Coal ETF's is the Market Vectors-Coal ETF. This ETF tries to match the performance of the underlying index called the Stowe Coal Index It has a gross expense ratio of 0.64%. It contains coal based companies from across the globe which are deriving business from the various functions of the coal based industry.

ETFX Russell Global Coal Mining ETFLON:COAL:
This is a UK London based Coal ETF, which offers trading and investment opportunities in both GBP and USD. It tries to track and match the performance of the DAXglobal Coal Index. This Index includes companies which are in coal mining, coal equipment or coal transport business. The constituents are global in nature, so you do get international exposure = the current allocation has more focus on USA and HongKong.

ETFX Russell Global Coal Mining ETFLON:COAP
The same ETFX Russell Global Coal Mining ETF, but in USD.

Historical performance of the various Coal ETF Exchange Traded Funds:
Here is the historical chart for last 1 year showing the historical performance of the above mentioned 4 Coal based ETF's. As you can see, all of them have closely match the performance with each other. (sourced as screenshot from Google Finance) Coal ETF Historical Performance

Final Thoughts about trading and investments Coal ETF Exchange Traded Funds:
At the current times when the world has witnessed the dangers of nuclear based fuel sources, it is time for companies as well as governments to look for safer fuel sources. Coal does provide a very good option and it is expected that the demand for Coal is going to increase at the global level.
It may be a good time to invest and capitalize on coal based etf, they will offer some diversity in your portfolio in the energy based sectors. Investors should also keep an eye on the expense ratios of the various coal based funds, before making a selection
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