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Natural Gas Historical Prices: Natural Gas Futures Trading

Historical Prices of Natural Gas Chart
Continuing further from our preious article How to Trade Natural Gas Futures?,
The natural gases prices have varied a lot historically. From a peak of 15.87 in Dec 2005 to a low of just 1.907 in April 2012, the Natural Gas futures prices have seen a lot of variations. It is advised to be traded with caution. For a general understanding of Commodity Futures Trading, please refer to Futures on Commodity: Trading explained with Example.

Here is a chart showing Natural Gas Prices for last few years:

As you can see, the price variation has caused a lot of fortunes and mis-fortunes. 

As per the reports, Amaranth, a hedge fund betted big money on the bull run of natural gas prices and reportedly lost billions of dollars when the prices came down drashing. Another Fund called MotherRock Energy Fund expected the Natural gas prices to drop when indeed they started to climb and that lead to millions of dollars of loss to this fund.

Historical pricing chart of Natural Gas indicates that nothing is certain about price and movements of Natural Gas. Investors and traders on such energy commodity should tread carefully within their limit of risk appetite with strict stop losses and margin requirements.
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