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List of Infrastructure Funds & ETF's

Infrastructure Funds List for investments in the infrastructure sector Infrastructure ETF
Continuing further from our previous article Different Types Of Infrastructure Funds and Infrastructure ETF, here is the list of Infrastructure Funds and ETF's available for investors interested in this sector. Please note that some are global funds while some are regional funds. Please check with your broker / investment advisors about availability of these infra funds in your specific country.

Infrastructure Funds and ETF

Infrastructure funds come in a lot of variety - right from actively managed funds tracking a particular Index or Passively managed fund replicating an index or an Infra ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), below is the summarized list of available Infrastructure Funds:

- ETFX Dow Jones Brookfield Global Infrastructure ETF BGIT: Trades on London Stock Exchange in USD currency.

- ETFX Dow Jones Brookfield Emerging Markets Infrastructure ETF : Focused mainly on the emerging market companies.

- iShares S&P Global Infrastructure Index Fund (IGF): Tracks the performance of the S&P Global Infrastructure Index. A global fund in nature, has the maximum (around 20%) exposure to USA, followed by other developed countries like Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, etc.

- iShares S&P Emerging Markets Infrastructure Index Fund (EMIF):
This is another index tracking infrastructure fund from iShares S&P which focuses on Emerging Markets at a global level. Country exposure in decreasing order of weightage is Brazil, China, Chile, Russia, Mexico.

- SPDR FTSE/Macquarie Global Infrastructure 100 ETF (GII)

- PowerShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure Portfolio (PXR)

- EGSharesINDXX Brazil Infrastructure Index Fund (BRXX): Tracks and attempts to Replicate the performance of the Indxx Brazil Infrastructure Index.

- EGShares INDXX India Infrastructure Index Fund (INXX): Attempts to replicate the performance of the Indxx India Infrastructure Index.

- EGSharesINDXX China Infrastructure Index Fund (CHXX)

Planned ETF 's expected to be available in near future:
- Global X FTSE Toll Roads & Ports ETF

- Global X FTSE Railroads ETF

- Global X Farmland & Timberland ETF

- Global X Cement ETF

- Global X Advanced Materials ETF

Keep looking out for more, the world of investments can come out with many more interesting surprises
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